Eating: Vegetables (the tasty way)

CSA Box via R.O.C. + the Fern Orchard and Gardens

I love food. Who's with me?

I love thinking about it. I love photographing it. And most of all, I love eating it.

This summer, I invested in my first Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, purchasing a bi-weekly CSA share with a local organic fruit and vegetable farm. Apartment living doesn't exactly lend itself to gardening and growing your own food, so I purchased the CSA as a little treat to myself and to the environment. It's also been an effective way to force myself to eat more vegetables. I'm not sure why, but given the choice between fruits and veggies I'll choose fruit every time.


Confession 001

Amy says...

"My life is pretty messy."

If this is you right now, read 5 Ways to Improve Your Day (via Clementine Daily) and know that you're not alone.


Living Made Simple: Growing Slowly

I am currently helping a local cookbook author and family friend design a new website and blog. I was shooting a few photos last weekend to use as placeholders for the design mock-up and couldn't resist photographing these beautiful succulents from my kitchen. They're probably one of my favourite things in the apartment. Probably the cheapest too. I'm glad they didn't cost me much because my thumb isn't very green. I don't have a proper watering schedule and I don't do anything to nurture them. But, here they are. Growing.