Eating: Vegetables (the tasty way)

CSA Box via R.O.C. + the Fern Orchard and Gardens

I love food. Who's with me?

I love thinking about it. I love photographing it. And most of all, I love eating it.

This summer, I invested in my first Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, purchasing a bi-weekly CSA share with a local organic fruit and vegetable farm. Apartment living doesn't exactly lend itself to gardening and growing your own food, so I purchased the CSA as a little treat to myself and to the environment. It's also been an effective way to force myself to eat more vegetables. I'm not sure why, but given the choice between fruits and veggies I'll choose fruit every time.

Thursdays are delivery day, which means Thursdays are the new Weekend. I chose the bi-weekly share because it's just me in the apartment and I still like to eat other things too. Things like perogies and pizza and mac n' cheese! #noshame

Every second Thursday I receive a box full of certified organic produce. I've received two boxes so far, filled with things like lettuce, sprouts, snap peas, green collards (similar to kale), beet greens, radishes and - my favourite thing to date - fresh strawberries.

I'm really enjoying my time in the kitchen and like to prepare dishes that are simple, and whenever possible, pretty too. Turns out salads and stir fries are where it's at.


Confession 001

Amy says...

"My life is pretty messy."

If this is you right now, read 5 Ways to Improve Your Day (via Clementine Daily) and know that you're not alone.

Clementine Daily offers original, online content that celebrates the beauty of today's multi-faceted, modern woman. Always uplifting and encouraging, Clementine Daily goes beyond stylish interiors, make up and recipes, and focuses on authenticity and real living. 


Living Made Simple: Growing Slowly

I am currently helping a local cookbook author and family friend design a new website and blog. I was shooting a few photos last weekend to use as placeholders for the design mock-up and couldn't resist photographing these beautiful succulents from my kitchen. They're probably one of my favourite things in the apartment. Probably the cheapest too. I'm glad they didn't cost me much because my thumb isn't very green. I don't have a proper watering schedule and I don't do anything to nurture them. But, here they are. Growing.

My blog is a little like these succulents, I think. I don't have a regular (personal) blogging routine anymore. The act of writing in this space was once a normal part of my week. Now, I neglect to write. I don't pay attention to it or nurture it like I used to. But, here it is! Living online, and growing with each new post - albeit slowly.
It's the nature of things. Life is what it is right now. One day, when the timing is right, I hope to return my focus to this blog. In the meantime, though, all I can offer are my sporadic and sincere thoughts.


Listening To: The Head and the Heart

The Head and the Heart (2011 Sub Pop Records)

I was first introduced to The Head and the Heart last winter on my way back from BlogShop Minneapolis with my photographer friend MacKenzie Jean (see Mac's gorgeous recaps here + here). She popped this album in and it really was love at first sound.

If you're not already familiar with The Head and the Heart, they're this amazing indie folk-rock band from Seattle. Up to that point, my interaction with the folk music scene was limited (at best). And, if I'm going to be honest, I was kind of afraid of it. I have always loved a variety of music, but Folkie tunes seemed like something cool, city kids listened to, not awkward country girls like myself. Yes, I was living in Winnipeg at the time, but I didn't feel like a true urbanite (and doubt I ever will).

After listening to The Head and the Heart's first album, though, I felt a connection with their music and my mind opened itself up to the possibility that I didn't need to be cooler to fit their fan profile. I could just be me. I think some of my fear and insecurity left me that night (emphasis on the word "some"). I'm still the awkward not quite country / not quite city girl, but I've started to embrace that quirky blend and accept it as part of who I am.

Folk is now one of my favourite music genres, and The Head and the Heart one of my favourite bands. Last week, I had the pleasure of seeing them live at Winnipeg's Burton Cummings Theatre. The experience was a surreal. I got chills. Actual goosebumps. It was truly the best concert I've ever been to, and even that doesn't seem to do the concert justice.

Have a listen to Another Story from their newest album Let's Be Still, and Rivers and Roads from their debut, self-titled album.


Be Like Salt

Somedays I am overwhelmed by all the bad in this world. Aren't you?

I don't make a habit of dwelling on disaster and disease, but in the age of social media where everyone's updating everything, all the time, it's virtually impossible to ignore. This is good, to some extent. I don't want to pretend like nothing's happening, just because it feels good to forget. I want to help. Do something. Make a difference. Anyone with me?

But, where do we even start?

This morning I was reminded that the small, ordinary, hum drum parts of our day can really make a difference. Even when we think we're just going through the motions, checking off that old to-do list, we may be impacting someone's day or life. We don't need to be celebrities, or politicians, or professional athletes. We can be influential in the every day. Salt for the Earth: preserving the world around us with kindness, encouragement, generosity and love.

"You are the salt of the earth..."  - Matthew 5:13 (NLT)